Great American Eclipse / National Park Posters by Tyler Nordgren


Dr. Tyler Nordgren is a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Redlands.   Since 2005 Dr. Nordgren has worked with the National Park Service in the promotion of astronomy education and the growing problem of light pollution.  His award winning photography of the night sky within the parks has helped spread awareness along with his fascinating 2010 book Stars Above, Earth Below: A Guide to Astronomy in the National Parks.  Dr. Nordgren was elected to the Board of Directors of the International Dark Sky Association in 2011.

As part of his campaign of awareness with the National Park Service Dr. Nordgren developed a series of posters encouraging folks to See The Milky Way in our National Parks, where Half the Park is After Dark.  These beautiful posters are reminiscent of WPA posters from the 1930’s.  To memorialize the upcoming eclipse Dr. Nordgren has developed a set of posters in a variety of colorful and imaginative styles that includes each of the states darkened by the moon’s shadow, several cities in the path, as well as parks along the way.  There is also a set of four posters commemorating the All American Eclipse.

Scopedawg Optics is proud to offer Dr. Nordgren’s posters in our shop.  Each poster is printed on heavy semi gloss cover stock, measures 12 x 18 inches and is priced at $20.


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Yosemite (TN-17)

Devil’s Tower (TN-17)

Eclipse Across America (TN-1)

Great American Eclipse (TN-2)
Great American Eclipse (TN-2)

From Sea to Shining Sea (TN-3)

All American Eclipse (TN-4)

Oregon (TN-5)

Idaho (TN-6)

St. Joseph, MO (TN-7)

St. Louis, MO (TN-8)

Southern Illinois (TN-9)

Kentucky (TN-10)

Tennessee (TN-11)

Great Smoky Mountains (TN-12)

The Carolinas (TN-13)

Grand Canyon (TN-14)

Yellowstone (TN-15)

Copyright © 2012-16, Tyler Nordgren. All rights reserved.

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