Total Solar Educational Books

You are wanting to prepare for the August eclipse, but where do you find the best total solar eclipse books online? At ScopeDawg, we have the most comprehensive, user-friendly selection of educational eclipse books designed to inform and delight eclipse viewers of all ages.

Whether this is your first eclipse viewing — or you are an old hand — we have the information you need to prepare for an eclipse viewing party or a special science experience!


What our total solar eclipse books can tell you about the eclipse

Total solar eclipses only happen about once every 18 months. That is why you need the knowledge that is contained in our educational eclipse books — you want to make sure that you properly execute your viewing party.

With our array of educational books about eclipses, you can make sure that you are totally prepared for the Aug. 21, 2017 event far in advance. Our books contain information about:

  • Eclipse schedules
  • Best viewing locations
  • Safely viewing the eclipse
  • Instructions on photographing the eclipse
  • Weather in your area on the day of the event
  • What to expect from your eclipse-viewing party
  • And more!

We even have kids’ books such as “Total Eclipse or Bust! A Family Road Trip,” which follows a family on their trip to see the 2017 total eclipse of the sun. You can teach your children about valuable scientific concepts while spending quality time together at a viewing party or family event.

ScopeDawg can help you make sure that your children’s first eclipse-viewing party is everything it should be. Trust our total solar eclipse books to provide you with the information you need to help everything run smoothly. Be sure to stock up today — supplies are moving fast.

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