Total Solar Eclipse Calendar

Have you checked the most recent total solar eclipse calendar for 2017? The next total solar eclipse will happen on Aug. 21, 2017, meaning that we are just a short time away from this exciting astronomical event. Instead of waiting to purchase your equipment for the solar eclipse party, why not beat the solar eclipse schedule and assemble everything far in advance?

At ScopeDawg, we have all of the equipment, information and expertise you need to make your viewing party “out of this world.” From total solar eclipse maps to schedules of solar eclipse times for your region of the country, we are your one-stop shop for all eclipse-related information!


What, exactly, can a total solar eclipse calendar tell me?

Before we go too far into equipment purchases, let’s back up and learn a little bit more about the nature of an eclipse. A total solar eclipse occurs about once every year-and-a-half on Earth. It happens when the moon obstructs the sun’s light, leading to a dark shadow that gives the illusion that the day has turned to evening.

Although these eclipses happen with some frequency, only small swaths of the Earth’s surface are able to see the eclipse because a specific viewing angle is required. A total solar eclipse schedule can help you determine whether your region of the Earth will be able to view the solar eclipse.

In addition to a schedule, your eclipse viewing party will need to be stocked with:

  • Maps to make sure that you are appropriately positioned to view the event
  • Glasses with which to view the event
  • Filters for your binoculars or small telescopes
  • Information about the eclipse for attendees

Luckily, ScopeDawg has your total solar eclipse calendar and all other supplies readily available. Our comprehensive selection of eclipse party materials mean that you will be totally prepared to participate in this exciting activity. Do not delay — purchase your materials today, and make sure that you are prepared for this rare opportunity.

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