Solar Filters For Binoculars

Did you know that you can use solar filters for binoculars to view a total solar eclipse? We are all probably pretty familiar with the dark glasses that are often used to observe this exciting phenomenon, but you can get an even better look with the use of solar filters for small telescopes and other viewing devices.

Instead of settling for a far-away perspective, get up close and personal with the Aug. 21, 2017 eclipse with the use of eclipse-viewing products provided by the team here at ScopeDawg. We promise that you will get a thrill!


How solar filters for binoculars work

First, it is important to note that the solar filters sold in our ScopeDawg shop are not only for use during eclipses. In fact, you can make use of solar filters for small telescopes throughout the year – your viewing equipment does not have to be put away during the day.

Our solar filter film and solar filters for cameras allow you to capture images of sunspots and other solar phenomena, but they are particularly useful for solar eclipse events.

So, how do these devices work? Simple!

  • They just attach to the front apertures of your binoculars, eliminating 99.9 percent of visible light and protecting you against the dangerous ultraviolet and infrared rays that can damage your eyes.
  • Users benefit from the added perspective that comes from using both eyes to observe the solar eclipse.

Solar filters for binoculars can provide you with hours of fun, even after the eclipse has come and gone. These filters are easy to use and maintain, and they offer an entirely new perspective on astronomy — do it during the day. We can’t wait to help you fully prepare for the upcoming total solar eclipse. Check out our shop to view our complete list of filters, glasses and other accessories for eclipse viewing.

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