Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses

The total solar eclipse of 2017 is expected on Aug. 21 – are you ready with your solar eclipse viewing glasses? If not, ScopeDawg has all of the products you need for comfortable, safe viewing of this exciting celestial event.

With the proper solar eclipse eye protection, you and your family can enjoy this rare opportunity together. Getting to view a total solar eclipse is rare because only a small portion of the Earth is able to see the event at one time. Make your preparations now with solar viewing glasses so that you can join in the fun.


What is an eclipse, and why do I need solar eclipse viewing glasses?
A solar eclipse happens when the moon obscures the sun’s light and casts a shadow on Earth. During the day, the moon will move in front of the sun, causing an unusual amount of darkness. Many amateur astronomers jump at the chance to observe this exciting event, which only happens about once every 18 months. Backyard astronomers can enjoy the solar eclipse with the proper solar eclipse eye protection distributed by ScopeDawg.

Our online store offers a diverse array of eclipse sunglasses, including paper and plastic glasses for the budding astronomer. Our glasses are superior to those sold by the competition because they offer some of the sharpest possible images and feature filters that eliminate harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays. These glasses are fully certified by international standards organizations, and they are safe for use by all ages of eclipse viewers.


We have all the products you need to enjoy this educational event
In addition to solar eclipse viewing glasses, we offer more advanced products such as filters for your binoculars and small telescopes so you can get a front-seat view to this rare astronomical event. These specialized films provide a variety of options that allow for a more colorful viewing experience — and you can even capture better images of the eclipse. We can’t wait for August, but in the meantime, we will be providing you with the safest means for viewing the upcoming solar eclipse. Prepare early by ordering your glasses today!

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