Solar Eclipse Path Of Moon Shadow

ScopeDawg is your official online source for all solar eclipse information for the upcoming 2017 total solar eclipse. This exciting event is projected to occur on Aug. 21, 2017, with the path of moon shadow traveling in a southeastern direction from Washington state.

If you are interested in viewing the total eclipse, it is absolutely necessary to find the most accurate moon shadow information — many people miss the solar eclipse simply because they do not understand how to locate the phenomenon’s path.

Make sure that you are prepared well in advance for this exciting event by checking out our solar eclipse schedule and other important information at the ScopeDawg website.


What solar eclipse information do I need before I host a viewing party?

  • First, you need to determine whether your location is actually in the path of moon shadow, or if it is in the umbra or penumbra zones. Each of these zones offer a different type of eclipse viewing, with the path of the shadow providing the most complete perspective on the solar eclipse.
  • In addition to finding the solar eclipse locations, you need to make sure that you are prepared with the proper equipment. Do you want to take photographs of the eclipse? You will need a special solar filter, a tripod and a more advanced understanding of photography. Are you interested in viewing the eclipse in real time? You need to invest in either plastic or paper eclipse-viewing glasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet and infrared waves.

The list of needs goes on from there. Want to make sure that you are prepared for every upcoming eclipse for decades to come? Our solar eclipse information gives you the most precise data that will allow you to enjoy eclipses for many years. At ScopeDawg, we are proud to be your single source for all of your eclipse-viewing needs. Check out our store to prepare early — and get ready to experience an epic phenomenon.

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