Solar American UV Coated Eclipse Map

If you are interested in viewing the 2017 solar eclipse, you probably know that you need an official solar eclipse map to ensure that you are in the viewing area for this incredible astronomy event.

Instead of guessing at the proper locations for viewing, why not check out ScopeDawg’s selection of scientifically approved American eclipse map products? We offer a wide variety of options for the casual eclipse viewer, including a UV coated eclipse map option designed to resist wear-and-tear associated with travel and use. Take the time to do your research before you make arrangements for your viewing party — trust us, you will be glad that you double-checked!


How a solar eclipse map can help your viewing experience

You may not realize that only a tiny percentage of the Earth’s population can actually view a solar eclipse at any given time. That is because the angle of the planet dictates the angle at which the eclipse is viewable. An American eclipse map will show you the northwest to southeast progression of the eclipse viewing band, which starts in Oregon and peaks near Carbondale, Illinois.

ScopeDawg sells only the most accurate eclipse path map options to our amateur astronomer friends. We know that you rely on information that is precise, which is why we have scoured the globe for the best-possible eclipse map company representatives.

You can trust that your solar eclipse map will provide you with the information you need to select the best viewing location for your eclipse party. While you are in our shop, stock up on binocular and telescope filters, along with special eclipse-viewing glasses, all of which are designed with your safety, comfort and style in mind. This is a rare opportunity, so do not let it pass you by. Hurry, as supplies of our maps are limited. Visit our shop today!

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