Threaded Thin Film Filters for Camera Lenses


These full aperture filters come in threaded cells to fit securely on various camera lens sizes. The filters are also
constructed from black polymer film, giving the natural yellow-orange sun when viewing or photographing.

Filters are packaged in a foam lined box perfect for storing the filter when not in use. When properly used and stored the filter will last for many years.

Highlighted items on the list below are in stock and can be ordered through its product page.  Click on the part # on the list to order these products. 

All other items are non-stock, click on the Choose an Option list below and select the product number to add it to your cart.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment of non-stock items.

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Product Description

Part Number Camera Lens OD Measurement Price
ST-37mm 37mm $49.00
ST-40.5mm 40.5mm $49.00
ST-43mm 43mm $49.00
ST-46mm 46mm $49.00
ST-49mm 49mm $49.00
(in stock)
52mm $52.00
ST-55mm 55mm $52.00
(in stock, on back order)
58mm $52.00
ST-62mm 62mm $55.00
(in stock, on back order)
67mm $55.00
ST-72mm 72mm $69.00
(in stock, on back order)
77mm $69.00
(in stock)
82mm $69.00

Additional information

Part Number

ST-37mm, ST-40.5mm, ST-43mm, ST-46mm, ST-49mm, ST-52mm, ST-55mm, ST-58mm, ST-62mm, ST-67mm, ST-72mm, ST-77mm, ST-82mm

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