Photographing Eclipses Astrophotography Guide

If you do not have experience photographing eclipses, finding the perfect equipment and refining your technique before the big day can seem like a big chore. Instead of worrying about spending the eclipse behind the lens of a camera, why not consider ScopeDawg’s eclipses photography guide?


Why photographing eclipses is challenging for the everyday artist

Any eclipses photography guide will tell you that a solar filter is necessary for taking pictures of the sun during an eclipse. These specialized filters are designed to not only make sure that your photos turn out properly, but also that you are protected from the damaging rays of the sun while you are setting up your photo system.

You may not be fully prepared to purchase and use a solar filter – after all, an eclipse is a rare event.


The trusted resource for solar eclipses throughout the United States

In addition to assistance with photographing eclipses, ScopeDawg offers a full one-stop shop for eclipse viewing equipment, information and resources. Whether you are viewing a solar eclipse for the first time, or you are a seasoned amateur astronomer, you deserve only the most reliable viewing equipment. Let us take care of those items for your big day, and enjoy this rare opportunity. Check out our shop today!

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