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Greetings from the Dawgs


Hello world.  Odie the Scopedawg is a handsome collie and basset hound mix, a short and stout version of Lassie.  I am Joe Lopinot (aka JoLo) and am not nearly as cute as Odie.  The Dawgs live with my beautiful wife Mary and our three kitty-kats – Bacchus, Minerva and OB just outside of Highland, IL on the shores of Lake Joe.

Our mission here at Scopedawg Optics is quite simple.  Our goal is to enlighten, inform and provision as many of our fellow Americans as possible in anticipation of nature’s greatest spectacle.  That would be none other than the total solar eclipse scheduled to streak through the American backyard on Monday, August 21, 2017. 

Neither of the Dawgs hold advanced degrees in astrophysics or celestial mechanics.  We are not professional eclipse chasers, although the two-legged dawg was present the last time the moon’s darkest shadow touched the lower 48 states.   What we do possess is a passion for amateur astronomy and astrophotography.  Odie and I have spent endless hours together under the night sky as my telescope, mount and camera slowly collected photons in route to us through space and time from thousands even millions of light years away.

We hope you will follow us here on our blog and your favorite social media outlet as we prepare for the Big Day.  We will explore together all things eclipse, from how to photograph the event to historic eclipses to getting you to the right place at the right time, for starters.  The website is full of information for you, including maps, online tools, links to eclipse parties and campground sites, and much more.

Welcome aboard, we hope you stick around.

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