Nashville Best Safe Solar Glasses

Your trusted source for Nashville best solar glasses is easy to find — get top-quality products at competitive prices right here at ScopeDawg. Our owners are so passionate about astronomy and eclipse-viewing that they are offering at-cost sales during a variety of trade shows and fairs, and they have authorized direct-to-consumer sales through our online shop.

No other provider of Nashville safe solar eyewear is as personally invested in making sure that a large population is able to see the upcoming total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017! Nashville residents are lucky to be in the direct path of the moon shadow — take advantage of that situation by choosing the right safe solar viewers in Nashville TN.


The top providers of Nashville best solar glasses

You simply cannot view the solar eclipse without Nashville safe solar eyewear — looking directly at the sun even for a moment can permanently damage your vision. The good news: We’re no longer relegated to using cardboard boxes to create primitive viewing devices. ScopeDawg offers plastic and paper viewing glasses designed to fit every budget.

Furthermore, we make it possible to take your astronomy interests past the eclipse, offering filters and lenses for telescopes and binoculars. Expand your astronomy expertise by spending time studying the heavens during the day. Our filters allow viewers to experience eclipses, sunspots, solar flares and other exciting events in safety and comfort.


Quality, reliable products to enhance your experience

All of our products are fully inspected and certified by international standards organizations, giving you the confidence you need to watch the eclipse without harming your eyes. These glasses protect against visible, infrared and ultraviolet spectrum lights, offering the ultimate in protection. Use your Nashville best solar glasses to experience this historical eclipse event. We can’t wait to help you get started; check out our selection today and purchase your equipment in advance. Supplies are limited!

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