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JoLo Photos

I purchased a Canon Rebel 450D in 2009 with a desire to dive into astrophotography and absolutely no clue as to the learning curve before me. For about six months I read everything I could lay my hands on about this astrophotography thing, having little or no experience with telescopes, mounts, cameras, Photoshop or astronomy image processing. As I slowly emerged from the haze and gained experience from critical mistakes, my images began to improve.

Although my main interest was and remains capturing pretty pictures of galaxies, planets, moons, and nebulae, I soon began experimenting with other photographic techniques. Star trails, time lapse, stop motion, wildlife, eventually HDR or High Dynamic Range tonemapping, I gave them all a go. I slowly and steadily absorbed the art and science of imaging and image processing. In short, I had devolved into a camera bug.

Please peruse these galleries at your leisure and let me know what you think. Any of the images are available at the Dawg Shop as 5×7 or 8.5×11 prints or framed photos, should you be so inclined.

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Astrophotos Gallery
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Astro Flag Gallery
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HDR Gallery
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Birdies Gallery
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