Eclipse Watching Viewing Parties

Need all of the perfect equipment for your eclipse watching events, but you are just not sure where to start? You are in luck! At ScopeDawg, we offer all of the materials you need to make your eclipse viewing events quick, easy and focused on the science associated with solar eclipses.

Eclipse watching parties are a great way to bring your community together, and they are fun for all ages. Instead of spending all of your time chasing down materials at different websites, rely on ScopeDawg for all of your equipment and resource needs for eclipse gatherings.


What should I be doing to prepare for my eclipse watching events?

The next total solar eclipse will be occurring on Aug. 21, 2017. Before that time, you need to identify activities, resources and materials that you might need for your eclipse viewing events. To spice up the party a little bit, why not think about:

  • Creating hands-on activities to measure angular size and distance using NASA’s educational webpage
  • Taking photos of the eclipse
  • Creating a pinhole camera
  • Researching the path of the total solar eclipse with our maps and schedules
  • Previewing the experience with NASA’s online videos

We’re so excited for the August eclipse, and we think you should be, too! That is why we are offering a complete array of equipment and information designed to make your eclipse party the best in the neighborhood.


Experience this amazing natural event

Our resources answer all of the questions you have about eclipse events, and we even offer high-quality photographs after the eclipse occurs. Do not compromise on the quality of products you use during your eclipse watching events; instead, choose ScopeDawg and trust that your eclipse viewing party will go off without a hitch. Order today – supplies are limited.

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