August 21 2017 Eclipse Map

Are you prepared for the August 21 2017 total solar eclipse? At ScopeDawg, we are eagerly awaiting this exciting astronomical event — our page is your source for all of the upcoming 2017 solar eclipse information.

You may remember as a child using cardboard boxes to capture images of the solar eclipse, but technology is much further advanced now. With the use of our 2017 solar eclipse map, you can determine whether your area will be able to directly view the eclipse. Additionally, you can purchase higher-tech plastic glasses, binocular filters and telescope filters that allow you to experience the eclipse like never before.

Line up your solar eclipse dates and prepare yourself for a front-row viewing experience with the use of our catalog of special equipment.


What you need to prepare for the August 21 2017 total solar eclipse

Many of our readers are not aware that a full solar eclipse occurs about every 18 months. You may not be as educated about these events because only a small region of the planet is able to view the eclipse because of the angle of the Earth. Our 2017 solar eclipse information can help you determine whether you fall within that band of influence, allowing you to make plans at home or abroad for the solar eclipse event.

Our eclipse maps also include information about solar eclipse times and solar eclipse locations, allowing you to coordinate your own viewing with others worldwide. What else could be more exciting for your astronomy club or private organization?

To prepare for this event, we recommend that viewing parties consider the following:

  • Consult a guide to the solar eclipse
  • Purchase several pairs of viewing glasses (paper or plastic)
  • Keep an eye on the weather
  • Develop some science activities such as measuring angular size and distance

We can’t wait to be your source of information and equipment for the August 21 2017 total solar eclipse. Do not delay – purchase today to avoid the rush!

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