2017 Eclipse Path Information

Are you in the 2017 eclipse path for the total solar eclipse? Many people do not know that they will only be able to view the total solar eclipse if they fall into a specific swath of the United States.

Although total solar eclipses happen with some frequency — about once every year-and-a-half — few people are able to witness one first-hand because the eclipses are only visible from specific points. Take the guesswork out of your eclipse-viewing process by checking out our 2017 eclipse schedule USA, available in our site’s shopping section.

You would hate to spend all of that time planning, only to miss the eclipse because of faulty information — our official eclipse path guide and related resources can help you avoid any missteps.


What does the 2017 eclipse path look like?

Scientists at NASA say that the upcoming total solar eclipse will sweep over a large swath of the United States, starting in Washington state and reaching an ideal viewing point somewhere around Nashville, Tenn. To be sure that you are in the path of the eclipse, you should consult our 2017 eclipse schedule USA — otherwise, you risk missing out on this important astronomical event.

Eclipse path information can help you determine whether you will be able to see the path of totality (most intense view of the eclipse), umbra (less intense) or the penumbra (least intense).


Make this is fun family event!

No matter where you fall in the scheme of the 2017 eclipse path, you can still enjoy the fun and educational opportunity associated with the event. ScopeDawg has all of the information and materials that you need to make your viewing party the most notable in your neighborhood. Prepare yourself for this exciting event by visiting our one-stop shop for glasses, maps, schedules, and other must-haves for your party. Early preparation is key, so check out our shop today.

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